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Landng, Inc. and ORDA, Inc. Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Travel
Business / Bindi / January 8, 2024

Landng, Inc. and ORDA, Inc. Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Travel

[Honolulu, Hawaii USA] — Landng, Inc. (“Landng”) and ORDA, Inc. (“ORDA”) are joining forces to revolutionize the sustainable travel industry, leveraging Landng’s expertise in influencer marketing for Travel Tech, and ORDA’s proven proficiency in Web3, Fintech and Sustainability. Landng’s creator-led itineraries will now include ORDA’s technology to measure the carbon footprint of an itinerary as well as offer users the opportunity to offset the trip in a way that benefits the local economy and community.

This collaboration will launch in 2024 with the support of the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau, featuring culturally and socio-economically sustainable itineraries for O’ahu and Maui. These itineraries will provide a curated list of activities that visitors can follow to learn about Hawai’i’s sovereign history, frequent kānaka and locally owned businesses such as restaurants and shops, as well as enjoy the beauty of the island in a sustainable way.

Landng and ORDA are entering into a multiphase long term partnership. Highlights of the first stages include:

  • Carbon Offset Services Integration: Landng and ORDA will collaborate on the development of a sustainable travel platform API based on Web3 technology. This platform will empower users to calculate their travel-related carbon footprints and access options for offsetting emissions using nature-based premium carbon credit projects. 
  • NFTs for Sustainable Benefits: The collaboration includes the minting and selling of cultural NFTs on the Landng platform. These NFTs will serve as exclusive gateways, providing users with access to benefits, discounts, and features, including options for carbon emission offsetting.

Both companies are female-led technology companies. The founders met at the East Meets West pitch competition hosted by Blue Startups as finalists last year. What started as a supportive connection among female founders, led to a strategic partnership.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration brings to the sustainable travel landscape,” said Devon Keakulina DeAngelo, CEO at Landng. “By combining forces with ORDA and the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau, we aim to offer users seamless and eco-conscious travel choices.

Gerelmaa Georgina Batchuluun, CEO at ORDA, shared enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Landng aligns perfectly with our commitment to driving positive environmental impact. Together, we aspire to set new benchmarks for sustainable travel solutions.“

The next phase of this collaboration will be focused on the expansion of Landng and ORDA’s services in Mongolia, additional Asian markets, and Paris, France. Mongolia has emerged as one of the most desired tourism destinations post pandemic and been named as the No.1 place to visit in 2024 by Lonely Planet and Financial Times. The Mongolian government has taken many initiatives to support sustainable tourism including a successful partnership with ORDA, which sets a great precedent for the Landng and ORDA to offer their services together in this market. Landng is also incorporated in Paris, France and working with luxury brands like Orient Express as well as with the World Heritage team at UNESCO to prepare for the platform’s launch in 2024, both of which have sustainability objectives that align with this partnership.

The Parties look forward to formalizing their cooperation and jointly contributing to a more sustainable future for travelers worldwide.

About Landng, Inc.:

Landng, Inc. is a marketing technology platform that drives sales of travel products by connecting brands, creators and travelers.

About ORDA Wealth, Inc.:

ORDA, Inc. is a ReFi (Regenerative Financial Technology) company focused on assisting retail and enterprise clients in investing all types of alternative assets that have environmental, social values as well as financial gains such as bio-generated carbon offset development projects.